The Company

Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH has actively been performing under KTM Group ownership since October 2013. During this short period Husqvarna Motorcycles has re-established its position as one of Europe’s main motorcycle manufacturers, achieving sales and production records during the last two years.

2014 was the first full year of production of ‘new era’ Husqvarna Motorcycles. In selling 16,337 units (two-thirds of which competition enduro bikes, one-third motocross) the company proved that the strong pioneering tradition of the premium brand is still alive in the heart of thousands of motorcycle fans worldwide. The success of Husqvarna’s Swedish-inspired design continued in 2015 when it exceeded the previous year´s record. A total of 21,513 units were sold with significant growth in the North American market (USA and Canada) supporting the company´s success.

With the unveiling of the 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO in fall 2015 Husqvarna Motorcycles took its first major step back into the street market to fulfil the brand’s promise of expanding a model range that shapes the future evolution of the motorcycle industry.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Austria are located in the area in and around Mattighofen – Europe’s most technologically advanced motorcycle manufacturing site. All key departments are situated in short distances from one another. Research and Development is strategically placed alongside the main assembly facility, and within three kilometres of the engine manufacturing plant and the Motorsport building. WP Performance Systems GmbH is situated in nearby Munderfing, where frames, radiators, suspension and exhausts are produced to the highest quality standards. Highly automated production procedures at WP include hydro-forming, laser cutting and robot welding for maximum precision and consistent quality. The new KTM Group logistics centre is situated alongside WP. Completed at the end of 2015 the logistic centre will greatly improve packaging and handling of products, in turn improving world-wide distribution.

Optimal communication between departments guarantees efficient and integrated product development, with technological knowhow from R&D, Motorsport and WP being transferred directly onto the bikes that roll off from the four production lines in Mattighofen.

For model year 2017 Husqvarna continues to utilise pioneering and cutting edge technologies to develop motorcycles with improved manoeuvrability, power and ergonomics. Attention to detail and innovative techniques used by Husqvarna engineers result in the continued development of market leading, premium motorcycles. Husqvarna Motorcycles remains focused on developing high quality products that appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, consolidating the premium image of the historic brand and ultimately ensuring success on the market and in motorsport.

Husqvarna motorcycles, parts and accessories are distributed worldwide through an ever-increasing distribution network of 17 subsidiaries, including North America and Japan, and 47 high profile importers.